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 Application1(Declined) - Aliendoiz

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PostSubject: Application1(Declined) - Aliendoiz   Fri 24 Jun 2011, 11:05 pm   Post numberPost #1

Real Name:Ivo Matos
Proficiency of English on scale 1-10:: 8
We�d like to get to know our new members, so feel free to pass some information about yourself:
Im a cool guy ready to help and to share good moments

Character details:

- Class: Mage
- Race: Undead
- Character's name: Aliendoiz
- Character's level: 14 (80 soon)
- Talent build: Fire and Frost
- Why did you choose this build?:Primary talents for PVE and secondary for PVP
- Gear : Leveling

- Your most frequent spell-rotation:n. [Living Bomb] [Scorch]2x [Fire Blast] [Fireball] when instant pyrp is ready .

- Professions: JC and Mining

Experience :
a) Raiding experience :
I know all the tacts for all bosses of WOLTK and a few for BC ! got a mage on retail u can see my armory: Alienoidz EU-Zenedar

- Do you have any other raiding experience that you�d like to share with us?
: U can see all on my armory. Idh in gamerdistrict yet

- Hellguards uses a forum for daily communication regarding guild matters. Are you able to visit it at least twice a week?
Yes no Problem about it.

- Do you have real life friends / family members in our guild?
: yes. 2 : Lohewargas and Guuh

- Is there anyone else in the guild who can recommend you?
- What are your former guilds & why aren�t you in those at the moment? (btw, we like facts, no gossip nor trashtalk)
: lvling

- Do you have any other characters above lvl 70 ?
: no

-Anything else you would like to add?
Im a fun guy with a lot of raid and pve experience, knows how to pklay with mage and it will be fun raid with u guys Very Happy


1. IF Thrall gets atacked by the alliance will you come to defend him ?
a) yes ofc ... i love that kind of moments that every one gets together and fight for the same thing!
b) fuck him , he will re spawn
c) Who gives a Damn about Thrall! I am in love with Tyrande already
d) sure , if i am not in 25 man raid
e) Other (create your own answer)...

A. Yes

2. Can you describe yourself as item hungry whore ?

3. If you end up on a desert island which 3 things you will take . AND GOD NO , dont say - internet / computer and wow Very Happy


4. If your house is getting robed while you play WoW ... what you gonna do ?
a) depends ... if we raid the LK ill rather w8 for my loot .. than gonna call the cops
b) Pfff ... as long they don't try to take my PC we are cool
c) Ill beat the crap out of them or die trying
d) Ill run around screaming like little girl
e) Other (create your own answer)...

get my stick and crush his head... and ofc im not jk ...

5. ( first one is only for man ) Do you think you got men period ? emotional problems ? love to use the caps ?


6. If we raid ICC25 with you ... you play shaman and have just died ... but got your ankh rdy ...
and we rly need your dps to kill the LK ... will you click the ankh IF in the exact same second your beer drops on the floor ...
and start spilling ... so ... you gotta chose ... save the beer or save the raid ... what ya gona do ?
I would definitely save the raid ( Who the hell thing this kinda crazy questions ffs )

7. If a raid leader kick you from raid ( when he's been fair to do so - afk , agro bullshit , etc etc )
will you join the Drama queen's team and flood the guild chat with shits that will waist time of my life while trying to read them ?
or you gonna be cool enough to admit your mistake and w8 for next raid as a mature homo sapiens ?

ofc no because i will not do that Very Happy

8. Do you consider our guild as source for items only , and after been geared at some point would that mean the end of your membership ?
No way. I will be honest... every one join to a guild to get geared but that dont means that will end our membership, when i get geared i will help other to get geared cause its MY guild too ...

Sorry for do 2 topics but my first one was a little poor and lohewargas tell me to do other cause it will be better :p first time in private servers sorry
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PostSubject: Re: Application1(Declined) - Aliendoiz   Sat 25 Jun 2011, 8:31 am   Post numberPost #2

despite having a recomendation some answers are copied from another app, in the mean time im staying neutral and see what others think
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Application1(Declined) - Aliendoiz

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